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Salon Accounting and Bookkeeping Software App for Hair Salons, Barbers and Hair Dressers.

Accounting Specialized for a Hair Salon

Your Week - No Accounting Jargon

Services & Tips

Know how much you bring in throughout the week.

services and tips

Merchandise Sales

Track merchandise sales and sales tax.

merchandise sales


Understand where your money is going!


So Simple, See it in Action!

You won't believe how simple it is...

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Profit and Loss Balance Sheet

To Avoid a Costly IRS Audit

Don't Fear

By using Salon Accounting you'll know that you're ready when the IRS comes; with your data the audit should be a breeze!

no fear

Cash Businesses

Cash businesses, such as beauty salons, will always be under closer IRS scrutiny, as they are more likely to under-report taxable income.

makeup collection

Maintain Records

Many IRS audits look back at previous years (up to the last 6), make sure you have your income, sales and expense records!

file cabinet

Salon Bookkeeping App

Salon Services, Tips, Expenses and Sales


On the Web, iPhone and Android

Use the site on any of your connected devices including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


Taxes and Reporting

It's important to know how much you have pending for reporting and tax purposes specific to your state.


Secure and Backed-up

Your data is backed-up nightly and securely accessible only by you.

a blue calendar

Services, Tips, Expenses and Sales

Enter daily values for services, tips, merchandise sales and expenses in the weekly journaling view.


Focus on the Week

Track your weekly profits and expenses in the site each week. Don’t worry about using a calculator as the screen automatically updates all your totals instantly as you make changes!

Compared to Quickbooks

You'll save more than 4x!

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For 14 days!

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Monthly Subscription

  • Keep Your Trial Data
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  • Accounting Jargon
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<3 LOVE IT! <3

Salon Accounting has made my accounting so much easier, faster and inexpensive compared to other online systems. I look forward to seeing my business grow with this great tool!

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Liz Black Signature Skincare

There is nothing QUICK about quickbooks. Salon Accounting is straight forward - to the point - and lets me simply enter the numbers that matter.

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TLC Salons

Salon Accounting has drastically improved my business by allowing me to focus less on my bookwork and more on my talent and getting more customers!

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Personal Appearances

Web, iPhone/iPad and Android Apps

On your phone at work, or laptop at home

many devices
Works across devices

Salon Accounting on Google Play Store

Salon Accounting on Apple App Store

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I subscribe?

After your trial period you will be prompted to subscribe; you will not lose any of your data entered during the trial.

Have a question or feature request?

Salon accounting was built and enhanced by feature requests from real-life stylists. If you have an idea or need help, don't hesitate to reach out to Support.

Is the site secure?

Financial data is incredibly important and sensitive and we ensure that only your eyes have access to it. Your connection to this site uses a secure connection to ensure your data is not hacked.

Trial Ran Short, 14 days?

Although the trial is set for 14 calendar days, it's also limited to only a few weeks of data entry. This prevents users from abusing the trial and using the reporting without paying.