Salon Accounting now does Quarterly Estimated Taxes!

Jump into your account on Salon Accounting and navigate to the Taxes page from the top navigation. Then sign up for Quarterly Estimated Taxes! The app will automatically do the calculations for you and help you estimate your payments and guide you to pay them.

Who has to pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes?

Salon Accounting helps you prepare your Estimated Quarterly Taxes so you can pay them on-time, correctly, and avoid late penalties.

Quarterly taxes, also called estimated taxes, are how self-employed hair dressers and barbers pay their taxes to the IRS throughout the year.

We help you understand your quarterly federal tax requirements by

  • Automatically calculating your quarterly federal tax payments
  • Updating your quarterly payments as your income and expenses fluctuate throughout the year
  • Sending you reminders throughout the year to send in your payment

Instead of paying all of your income tax, and social security and medicare taxes, at the end of the year, as a salon small business you should be paying taxes in four even distributions throughout the year. We help you update your profile with your unique filing situation, from single to married (filing jointly or separately), to the number of dependents you have, to any additional income you or your partner earn. It’s all built into the math that we use to determine your payments so you can pay them on time!