About Salon Accounting

All successful salon products come from a need within the industry, eg. Barbicide, Paul Mitchell, Aveda, and Redavid. All of these are derived from someone from within the industry, who worked behind the chair, and wanted to reach perfection. A dream inspired by the experience and carried out through tech and chemistry. Salon Accounting is an example of this very story. Backed by the experience of someone who has been behind the chair since the 80’s, Julie Manske recognized the growth of a small businesses salon needs accurate and easy bookkeeping. Salon Accounting is focused on the needs of independent owners.

David Manske - CEO of Salon Accounting

David Manske is the CEO and founder of Salon Accounting. Like all great business tools, Salon Accounting started off as an Excel spreadsheet. Along the bottom of the workbook, each sheet represented one week of the year and carried forward the totals through to the last week of the year. A salon could simply print out the last page of the Excel workbook and hand it to their accountant OR do their own taxes. The delicacy of Excel formulas that were accidentally changed, led David to build the first release of Salon Accounting back in 2016. It has and will always be focused on the simplicity of making it as-easy-as-possible for an independent salon to run their business and keep track of their finances.